Reliable, safe, and accurate physical examination in Estero Island

Physicals are vital screening processes that look into several variables that affect one’s health. With Estero Island Medical Care, our clinical team is trained to conduct safe physical examination practices and provide fast and fair results in no time. We specialize in facilitating physicals for:


For US citizenship or Green Card applicants, the government requires a full physical to ensure you don’t carry diseases and allow you to get vaccination shots for illnesses you have a high risk of.


Employment physicals help business owners determine an employee’s fitness to work. The results of this screening process can tell a person’s physical, psychological, and mental state, and whether he or she can perform the company’s responsibilities under pressure.


Typically, schools would require students to undergo a physical to ensure they’re free from diseases that might infect other students. Also, students who apply for a sports club must prove his or her physical fitness to join through a comprehensive physical exam.


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